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Pitching Toes

Your new baseball or softball cleats with the same flexible custom pitching toe used nationwide by professional, college, and amateur athletes.

Injury Protection

Fiber Reinforced Toe Cap to protect foot injuries in all sports. Used by professional and college football and baseball teams for the protection of foot injuries, including turf toe.

Our Products

Hurler Athletic's patented urethane epoxy is permanently bonded to your shoe, while remaining lightweight, tough, and flexible. Because it's applied custom to your shoe, we can fit any wear pattern. Our ProtecToe® coverage is perfect for all types of sports and all types of wear — from pitchers to catchers, from football kickers to linemen, even track and field. All ProtecToe® applications are fully guaranteed. Contact us for more details, or order now.

Pitching Toes

Since 1991, Hurler’s ProtecToe® pitching toe has become the preferred standard for professional and college baseball and softball teams across the country because of our superior product and unmatched customer service.

The standard pitching toe coverage is shown above. If your wear pattern is different, just mark the shoe with tape or a felt tip pen to indicate where the ProtecToe® pitching toe will do you the most good.

Our thickness is based on the average wear of a major league pitcher. The goal is to provide adequate wear protection without too much weight or bulk. Thicker toes may be requested, but only with the understanding that there will be more weight and less flexibility in the toe area of the shoe.

Our standard colors are black, blue, red, and white. Nonstandard colors are grey, forest green, and maroon. We will attempt to match any color presented with the understanding that it will not be the exact standard PMS color but will be hand-mixed to the closest shade.

Pitching Toe Example

Injury Protection

Developed in conjunction with two top athletic shoe manufacturers, our Injury Protection product filled a void in available preventative protection for injured feet.

Our standard pitching toe is reinforced with a fiber core, producing a hard shell cover for injured areas of the foot, especially in the toe box area.

Initially designed to protect existing injuries such as turf toe, bunions, or sprained/broken digits, the ProtecToe® Injury Protection product is now popular as a preventative measure against suffering the injury in the first place. A number of major college programs outfit their offensive and defensive linemen prior to the season to reduce and eliminate toe end foot injuries.

Injury Protection Example

Ordering Instructions

Ordering Step 1 Click Here To Order

Ordering Step 2 Put the Order Form and payment in your shoe box (or other appropriate shipping container) along with your shoe(s) and ship to:

Hurler Athletic Company
2755 SW 49th Street
Corvallis, OR 97333

Helpful Hints for Shipping

The cost of shipping has increased over 40% the last four years, so here are some suggestions to reduce your shipping costs:

  • Only send the shoe that needs the ProtecToe®.
  • Ship it in a box that is as small as practical for the number of shoes you are sending, especially when you're shipping by expedited air freight. Oversized boxes can double your shipping costs, regardless of weight.
  • Instead of shipping a worn shoe as an example for ProtecToe® coverage, consider taking a photo and including that in the box.
  • Use a single box — shipping the shoe box in shipping box will cost you money.
  • Consider USPS Priority Mail for expedited shipment. Their 2-3 day delivery is up to half the cost of UPS Blue or FedEx 2 Day unless you have access to deep discounts through your work or school.

Indicating Coverage

Typical CoverageThe typical ProtecToe® coverage is illustrated to the right. If your critical wear or injury area is different, include Special Instructions on the Order Form or mark the area on the shoe.


If you provide your email address on the Order Form, we will send you confirmation of both receipt and return shipment of your order from Hurler Athletic Company, including Fed Ex tracking numbers, where available.

Return Shipping

No more than three days after receipt at Hurler Athletic, your shoe(s) will be return shipped via Fed Ex. The price includes regular Fed Ex return freight. If expedited shipping is required (Next Day or 2nd Day Air), include Special Instructions on the Order Form.

Expedited freight will be billed at cost and is available with Visa/MasterCard or School Purchase Order payments only.

About Us

From perfect games in pinstripes, to Collegiate champions in baseball and softball, on baseball and softball fields across the country, the Hurler Athletic ProtecToe® Wear Protection pitching toe has been recognized for its toughness and flexibility since 1991.

Using a patented urethane epoxy, Hurler Athletic applies a custom ProtecToe® pitching toe to the area of the shoe where you need it. No messy kits or ill-fitting glue-on patches.

Beginning in 1998, Hurler Athletic Company, working with major athletic shoe manufacturers, developed a fiber reinforced Injury Protection toe cap, modeled after the pitching toe, to help prevent and protect toe injuries.

Our customer service is second to none. No cost communication via the Web; real-time order status communicated by email from shoe receipt through return shipment (including a link to Fed Ex tracking information); and a never-fail three day turnaround from Hurler Athletic.

All ProtecToe® applications are fully guaranteed.

Our reputation for service and quality has been earned on professional and college fields from Miami, Florida to San Jose, California; from Athens, Georgia to Seattle, Washington; from Tucson, Arizona to Corvallis, Oregon; since 1994 at both the NCAA Baseball and Softball World Series; and in 2008 at the Beijing Olympics.



Congratulations to the Oklahoma Sooners Women's softball team, 2016 World Champions and Hurler Athletic ProtecToe customers since 2007.

Recognition also to the other ProtecToe customers Alabama Crimson Tide, Auburn Tigers, Georgia Bulldogs, LSU Tigers and Michigan Wolverines. Great seasons by all!


Congratulations to the Coastal Carolina Chanticleers, 2016 College World Series Champions and Hurler Athletic ProtecToe customers since 2014.

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